The understated demeanor combined with the overwhelming talent that courses through PUSH’s veins are a reflection of the contrasting balance that comes through in his work. His style resembles geometric, graphic, and incandescent candy for the eyes, incorporating thoughtful palette choices that range from harmonious color ways, to monochromatic, to black and white. His work is simultaneously sharp, linear, rough, and precise.

PUSH credits early inspirations to the LA graffiti scene and skateboarding, when he made a name for himself through years of participation in global murals, graffiti writing, group, and solo exhibits. The only competition he seeks is the kind he has with himself. In 2013, he pulled many an all-nighter to produce a three-dimensional installation piece for his third solo exhibition entitled “Adaptation” at Known Gallery. It was the first time he attempted something of this kind, resulting in sharp black three-dimensional lines back dropped by bright geometric patchwork. Those lucky to make it during the short three-day window it was on display got to step into PUSH, literally. In May of this year, he collaborated with skate lifestyle brand Element to create a collection of boards and apparel. His most recent local mural can be found in Little Tokyo on 2nd Street in Downtown LA


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